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What were they thinking ?!?! [PHOTO INTENSIVE]

Ok, I like the shape of my new-era Royal 82's, but I hate the finish. It's hazy, murky, and looks like a turd with a stem.

Inspired by the fine folks here, I decided to find out what was under that nasty finish.

The smooth 82 (top pipe in this pic) would be my first victim.

As I stripped the finish, I couldn't believe what was beneath.

It gets better ...

They buried this grain and birdseye under that gawd-awful finish!

After stripping, I rubbed it with some 0000 steel wool. Since I prefer sheen to shine, I applied some tung oil.

Now, my economical great smoker is also a great looker.

I wonder what's under the nasty on the carved one ... hmmmm.

Goodness man...that is a fabulous flock of birds.  Makes you wonder if most of the blocks they were working from were expected to be poorly grained and therefore covered'em all, or what. Good for you...that is a real looker now.

I figure it was a Friday afternoon or Monday morning job.

This and my Royal 80 both love English/Balkan blends.

Looks much better !

You certainly turned that into a fine looking piece of briar, congrats on bringing that grain out.

Thank you, gentlemen.

If I were capable of handsprings, I'd be doin' em.



I have done this to almost all of the DGs I get to refurbish and I have never been disappointed in what I find. They sell well. My biggest disappointment in current DGs - in addition to the lousy shellac finish used - is that they have the metal bayonet filter holders for tenons and I do not like metal in my pipes if it can be avoided. Some push stems would be a big improvement. Good luck with these and keep it up ... you'll continue to be surprised at what you find. Good luck, Dave

Hard to believe that fine briar was under that finish.

Naturally, I'm wondering about a couple of pipes in my rack...

Whoa! Pretty!

Read this, especially briar 102. This is how it was done during my 25.  My writing...

Today stummels are selected to be smooth or rustic with no determination as to grain. Grain isn't important because everything
Grabow makes today is dark or covered with stain.

When we made a pipe, we knew exactly what we had. Today there may be extraordinary grain or horrible grain in a smooth pipe.
Beware the rustic, because they are carved for a reason.  ted  

Thanks for the compliments.

I couldn't be happier with the result.

Ted, a lot of good info there,. Much appreciated.

I have a Royalton 83 that looks like a freeze-frame from an explosion. I don't think I can resist stripping it to expose the grain. Not sure how it will match up with the creamsicle-swirl stem, though.
Dave G

Wow! That's a huge difference.
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