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WW2 Era Tru-Grain Rusticated Push Stem

Picked this up off Ebay and i thought it was neat old Grabow. Im always on the lookout for a old Grabow or Linkman push stem.

Don't see many Grabows without a Linkman stamp with a propeller. It was it such nice original shape that i just cleaned it up and buffed the stem some. Its only been lightly smoked and i found out why.

The wartime wood/ plastic ( to me it was more like cardboard) stinger had broken off in the stem and shank. Making the draw not very good.

The one in the shank pulled right out with a cleaner

The one in stem i drilled out easily enough . I guess the owner broke it and then put the pipe up and never fixed it ,leaving it it such good original shape.

Took me 30 minutes or so to get it in shape to smoke.

I added a carbon coat to the bowl, cleaning it removed what little cake it had.

The pipe is simply stamped Dr.Grabow /Tru-Grain numbers or imported briar etc...

It is briar too, i can tell from the feel and hardness.

It's not the prettiest pipe but again i think its a neat little pipe just because of the uniqueness. The pipe very light and smokes excellent now. You just can't beat a old push stem in my opinion.

Thats a neat one alright. I like the push stems too. Ajustos are alright and I like the filter pipes as far as smoking goes. Theres just something about that metal tenon that turns me off for some reason.

Excellent, Congrats!!!

Very nice, and interesting rustication.  Congrats Troy.
ozark southpaw

Nice Troy ! I really like those rusticated Tru-Grains !  I had one with the plastic cleaner and one with an aluminum cleaner.

ozark southpaw wrote:
Nice Troy ! I really like those rusticated Tru-Grains !  I had one with the plastic cleaner and one with an aluminum cleaner.

Thanks everyone.

I'm really liking this one as well, as i stated its very light pipe and smokes nice and cool. Its the exact size of a later # 36.

The cleaner/stinger in this one seemed to be wood in the shank and the shaft part was a plastic coated cardboard like a pipe filter. Whatever it was, it wasn't very sturdy and seemed to have broke pretty quickly after the the owner started using it.

That looks swell!  Good stuff.

Nice looking pipe.

Nice piece of work!
Tiki Vegas

Good looking, rugged pipe.

Again well done old boy!
Thelonious Monkfish

Cleaned up nice, congrats on the lightweight smoker.

Beautiful work, as usual Troy. I think I have that one's cousin here somewhere.

Not meaning to take over a thread, but here's the one i was referring to.

Dave G

Great save. Nice resto work. It just looks like a very old example. I don't believe I've ever seen a rustication pattern quite like that on a Grabow before.

Thanks, I have been smoking this pipe a lot and getting some cake cake built up in it. It smokes really nice and one of my favorite pipes to carry around lately.

I have a apple and a Dublin (Linkman/Grabow) that have similar rustication but they are not push stems.
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