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Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
I just got my 2nd Grabow....a Viscount #42.. I love the shape and small size... I've steamed out a few dents,cleaned it out with a retort and lots of pipe cleaners...covered the chatter with a bit of shrink tube...I'll fill with a bit of black CA later and clean up and wax the finish a bit later but it looks great to me as is right now....
Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
Outstanding grain on your Viscount! Congrats.

I have a 85 Viscount with grain like that
Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
Nice looking.
Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
Darn right it looks great! Some real nice grain there. I have just recently discovered the shrink tube solution which others seem to have known about for a long time. It makes the Lucite stems a lot more comfortable for me without being bulky and slippery like the softy bits. It also keeps the Vulcanite ones from discoloring from my toxic saliva. Good work and a fine pipe!
Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
Nice piece of work on a beautifully grained DG!
Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
I'll 2nd and 3rd the comments regarding the grain. Very nice!!
Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
Thanks for the kind words folks...

I thought I'd better add my first Dr. Grabow but though again....why not take new pics of both in 100 percent all natural pipe holders?....not vegan mind you.... but natural... 3 hobbies at once....pipes,plants and pics...

Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
Nice photography!
Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
Pitcher plants?
They are pretty, but the #42 is spectacular.
Yosemite\'s Dr. Grabows
ted wrote:
Pitcher plants?
They are pretty, but the #42 is spectacular.

Thanks,I think I'm lucky to have found such a nice pipe.....Yes ,North American pitcher plants...Sarracenia ....I love the weird little bug eaters....
I'm happy to report the #42 smokes as nice as it looks...I'm a bit past half way through a bowl of Vauen Zeppelin....they are playing very well together...
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