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KBB Yello-Bole Author?
Picked this Yello-Bole up some time back. Stem was in good shape, but the tenon had issues. Ed was kind enough to reach out to me and asked me to send it his way for a look see. He fixed it of course!

The bowl had some dings around the rim and still has them, as I was afraid that the rim,  if topped would change the shape of the briar. I also liked the character of it, so it remains as is.

Smokes great and I love the shape. It has no shape number stamping. Not sure what it is, haven't seen another quite like it again. Not sure if calling it an author is correct.

I'll see if I can find original post for before and after pics.

KBB Yello-Bole Author?
Couldn't find my original post or original eBay pics. I did trip.across this pic. Very similar to mine. Pretty spot on actually. The color in this pic is closer to actual. My pics are darker than actual color. No info though on shape #. Almost a cross between anse and author. I'd for sure go for another if I ever see one!

KBB Yello-Bole Author?
More like a 'canted apple.'  That's a neat little pipe, and I like yours better without the metal band.
KBB Yello-Bole Author?
That is a fine looking pipe there bud, spot on, congrats sir & G'Day
KBB Yello-Bole Author?
Cat that is sweet!
KBB Yello-Bole Author?
acaciavet wrote:
Cat that is sweet!
Very Happy
KBB Yello-Bole Author?
Here's a 1930s-'40s WWII era KBB Yello-Bole author I picked up recently. Fine little pipe and a good smoker:

KBB Yello-Bole Author?
Dave, that's a handsome little guy!  Another author for the author.  Smile
KBB Yello-Bole Author?
I love those"reverse" YB stems, with the black insignia on yellow stem. Sharp Dave!
KBB Yello-Bole Author?
pipesbywhitney wrote:
Here's a 1930s-'40s WWII era KBB Yello-Bole author I picked up recently. Fine little pipe and a good smoker:

Dave I love the old warhorses!
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