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Response from Senator over FDA
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Response from Senator over FDA
I been firing off emails to Government official's off and on for a while now about the up and coming FDA  tobacco regulations. I finely got a response from my State Senator Mark Warner (Dem). Still a bunch of double talk but its nice to get a response from someone  (most likely a aide) after so many emails.

Dear Mr. *******
             Thank you for contacting me about U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reform. In order to best represent you as your United States Senator, it is vital that I hear your views on this and other important matters.
             I share your concerns about the need to reform the FDA. As we discuss FDA reform, we need to be honest about what works and what does not. This means establishing better, more robust results-oriented performance measures, aligning activities and resources to meet strategic goals, and enhancing the use of performance information. We must implement policies that adequately prepare the FDA to keep pace with changing demands.
             Thank you again for contacting me. I will keep you thoughts in mind. Please continue to be in touch with your opinions and concerns as we move forward in the 115th Congress. For further information or to sign up for my newsletter please visit my website at http://warner.senate.gov.

United States Senator
Response from Senator over FDA
Boy these politicians can say a lot without saying anything, can't they?!!
Response from Senator over FDA
Look into history with the Pullman Bug Letter- these ready-to-go non responses are part of our way of life. Do your self a favor and save the cost of postage and paper- a total waste of time.
Response from Senator over FDA
Ummmmmm........... its email no postage.
Response from Senator over FDA
I'm about fed up with all these self centered out of touch politicians. They are only interested in getting re-elected to their cushy do nothing "jobs" and nothing else. A curse on both their houses (and senate Laughing ). You couldn't shoot reality into this flock of buzzards with a piece of field artillery. Professional wrestling has more truth in it than our legislature regardless of party affiliation. The soap opera goes on while America suffers. The FDA regulations will be enacted. Get used to it, its written in stone. By UNELECTED bureaucrats at the FDA. No politicians are going to come to the rescue of that bad old baccy. Not enough votes in it to make it worthwhile. Too busy legalizing marijuana. The tobacco companies will have to start putting dope weed in tins if they are expected to survive it looks like. In the meantime they have plenty of form letters to keep us pacified. At least they think so. After all, its always worked in the past. Maybe their wicked ways are catching up to some of them at last. Just maybe. Just some. The anointed ones are still above the law. Rant over. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!! Laughing  Laughing
Response from Senator over FDA
Rant on Lon!!
Response from Senator over FDA
At least I'm trying something and not and not just laying down and giving up. If people would raise enough hell than these DC Aholes would get the message.
Response from Senator over FDA
Troy_nov1965 wrote:
At least I'm trying something and not and not just laying down and giving up. If people would raise enough hell than these DC Aholes would get the message.
I admire you for it Troy and I agree, more of us should protest and raise hell. I went to a town hall meeting that was more of an outside rally for our Senator (Rand Paul) a few months ago. The subject of tobacco came up as it always does in Kentucky. Not much tobacco left but we have long memories about what happened to us. Paul is a doctor as well as representing Kentucky in the Senate. He has made it abundantly clear that he could care less what you smoke, baccy or otherwise I'm afraid. I am convinced he would take the side of tobacco due to his views on civil liberties and the state that elected him being in the old tobacco belt. The problem is he will never get the chance and he's probably glad of it. Just let sleeping dogs lie and collect the votes like the rest. The tobacco issue has been turned over to the FDA. The FDA is not elected and absolutely could care less what we think. The easiest way for a politician to wash their hands of any issue is to pass it on to an organization where votes don't matter and they cannot be held directly responsible even though they were in a big way. The legislature was at best passive when The Big Bug decided this was what was best for us, not having any decision making skills of our own. It had to involve some kind of campaign contribution or something. After all, he did publicly state that he had given up his Marlboros. Not quite sure I believe that if past statements are indicative of his voracity. When he gave the FDA control it stopped being anything resembling a local issue regulated by the local government and morphed into a national issue regulated by unelected bureaucrats. I love my baccy and love my basic right to smoke it even more. I'm ashamed to say I have not contacted my senator about this, but I intend on doing so as soon as I finish this rant. We all should. This is all we have. I don't see much hope in any direct results as anything done would have to be done on a national level now even if it ever came up. Little 'ol Kentucky with its meager electoral votes doesn't fare well with big 'ol California as a rule, last election excepted. There's always Executive Order. Fat chance, but who knows? After all, tobacco was an industry in the heartland of America that has mostly been farmed out to other countries. I have not torn down the barn just yet even though I did sell the tractor last week. Hope floats. Kind of going down for the third time though when it comes to this. Call or write your elected representatives. At least they will know a percentage of voters are unhappy with this FDA pass the buck crap. It could help and it sure won't hurt.
Response from Senator over FDA
Wildcat wrote:
Boy these politicians can say a lot without saying anything, can't they?!!

Bingo !

Does anyone else get aggravated when you the big bags of mulch in gas stations labeled as "pipe tobacco" just to avoid taxes? Change the regs on the mulch and leave the real pipe tobacco alone.

Thanks for posting Troy. Keep fighting the good fight.

My advice: HOARD while it's still cheap. My cellar is packed and growing. Prepare for the tobacco-apocalypse
Response from Senator over FDA
At least thats all off the table now til 2021.
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