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Half& Half tub
Took my break at an estate sale today. Ad said they had tools and I've been looking for a shovel and such outdoor tools on the cheap ( I sold or gave away everything when we lost the house and moved into the apartment ). Picked up a shovel, axe, limb trimmers, crowbar and an old large fixed blade knife at a buck a piece. Of course I had to look around a little. Glad I did!

Never saw one like this before. Top twists and locks into place. Kinda neat! They wanted 5 but took 3 bucks.

Half& Half tub
Nice! Are you gonna fill it with Half and Half? I have a plastic and a metal Prince Albert tub / can which I loaded up with the original contents.
Half& Half tub
Benton wrote:
Nice! Are you gonna fill it with Half and Half? I have a plastic and a metal Prince Albert tub / can which I loaded up with the original contents.
That ran across my mind Benton. If I can get it cleaned up real good I think I will. I have an old PA tin tub, but it's in rough shape, rusted inside and faded outside. I still have it on a display, but you couldn't keep baccy in it. I'd like to see the plastic PA tub you have.
Half& Half tub
Here you go. This is what PA comes in now. Seals tight.

Half& Half tub
You could also fill it with these...

Half& Half tub
@Benton: Oh, okay. The PA tub is the current Middleton tub. I thought maybe you had something older, more vintage. I gotta tell ya, those Middleton tubs are great!! They keep tobacco fresh for a long long time!! I love 'em!

@Joeman: I had the original brown Barrel of Monkeys when I was a kid!! Very Happy
Half& Half tub
I have a pristine older metal tin with the built in lever for opening. Rust free inside.
A $5.00 eBay purchase when I still had a job and purchasing power.

Half& Half tub
I remember those metal tubs still being on the store shelves but never did buy any. Wish I had. I always went with the metal tins as they were measured out and easy to carry. I was in a huff when they went to the foil pouches as I didn't like them as well. Still don't. The new tubs are great for keeping tobacco fresh. They keep tobacco better than any humidor I have ever had. And they let me get my big fat hands inside to load my pipe. I don't remember ever seeing a Half and Half tub like Wildcat has. Must not have been many made.
Half& Half tub
@Benton: man, that is a nice PA tin tub and at 5 bucks you stole it! Mine is a train wreck, lol! Think I paid 2 or 3. You definitely got the better deal!

@ Kentuck: +1 on your humidor comment and +1 about being able to get  your hand in there to fill. Yes sir!  Push those lids once or twice and the baccy stays fresh and easy to fill a bowl. Boy oh boy I miss those discontinued blends like the Kentucky Club line and Sugar Barrel.
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