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Alpha Horizon. Need information about this pipe
Alpha pipes seem pretty common on this forum, but the internet seems to know nothing about this pipe. All I could find was the site listed here https://www.worthpoint.com/wortho...acco-pipe-alpha-horizon-489184860  and without a membership it will not tell me anything about it. Does anyone know anything about the Alpha Horizon pipe?

Alpha Horizon. Need information about this pipe
JJ, I see only one other entry here on the DG forum inquiring about Alpha Horizon...and it was also seeking some history on that line.  There were no responses.

What we know is that Alpha was one of a number of brandings produced by the only pipe factory in Israel, the Shalom Factory...Alpha being perhaps the most significant of their brands when considering the vast number of Alphas still available today.  Under the Alpha brand were quite a number of lines produced over the years...including Executive, Cameo, Handmade, Burl Briar, Calypso, Citation, Allegro, Signature, Caprice, Craftsman, Cordova, Corona, Burl King, Spigot, Magnum, Carita, Nobility, CustomCraft, Lozano, Regent, Gremlin, Century, Uncle Paul, Oom Paul, Calabash, Freehand, Esprit, Rex, Burley, Horizon...and possibly others.  

One thing we know...they liked names beginning with the letter C.

I'm not the Alpha expert here...but based on styling, I'm going to say your Horizon is perhaps 1980's...early 90's latest.  As for current value?  Maybe $20 if it's in decent shape.
Alpha Horizon. Need information about this pipe
Here's the notes I have accumulated on Alphas and Shalom, most of them look like they came from Tom Douglas:

Alpha pipes were made by the Shalom Pipe Co. in Israel from Mediterranean briar beginning in the 1960s and running into the 1980s when the company closed.

Their classic styles of pipes are much sought after by collectors.

This is one of the early Alpha freehand "Burl Briar" pipes. Shalom pipe carvers pioneered the technique of carving tobacco leaf veins into the pipe bowls to remove any small blemishes in the briar as this one is carved.

Existance of the Shalom factory ended just before Lane bought Dr. Grabow from UST. You'll need to look for the exact date.

UST/Grabow acquired the ALPHA name and the "A" in about 1993. Hochstein, his sons, and family were interested in other things by then.  If I had 180 million $$ I'd probably be into more things. No equipment was moved to Sparta!!! even though (I left in 1991) there was a pentagraph machine for duplicating shapes that Grabow/I should have owned. Had I stayed, we would have owned it..

So far as I know... The Shalom/Alpha factory was a vacant warehouse in Yad Binyamin, and after 30 years of making superb pipes is, again, a vacant warehouse..

Grabow tried to re-introduce the ALPHA line .. as a pipe shoppe Grabow. It fell flat on its face.. Our little July get-together in 2010 could have bought several hundred Grabow Alphas. So far as I know, Alpha does not exist as a brand today.

So far as I know, Muki, recruited from Denmark for $$$, either died in his pursuit of excellence in Israel, or returned to Denmark to say goodby.

My GREATEST FRIEND in this business was Judith Weinberger (Judy). In 1971 when UST bought Mastercraft, Judy, an Orthodox Jew, and Mr. Hochstein's right hand woman would come to Sparta, NC to train me and our small staff in how the business was done. Sparta, NC (pop.. 1800) is not a hotbed of Judism. She managed to relate to these old hillbillies, and this one in particular. After several years with Judy and MUCH enlightenment .. about pipes, Judism, and life..... we went our separate ways. I drove from PCNC to Dallas TX for her retirement party in 1992... She died a few years ago, without my knowledge.. One of my few remorses.. Should have kept up more.

Joe, I think, Grabow can still put the "A" in any pipe. Wait till I get home.. I'll ask, and probably git it done for you.. Our tour guide is Frank Jones..He puts in the logo among other things.  He and I started at the same time.. Frank will do it if it is possible.. TD

The old Shalom pipes were copies of KYM and a few Grabows.

The Shalom factory COULD NOT patch, so the vast majority of the "SHALOM" pipes are sandblast, wire carved, and Bark Grain. If there is a smooth Shalom pipe in your collection... it will be "perfect", or will have a fill that resembles bubble gum.

We/Grabow taught Micky and Dicky how to patch in about 1978.

Prior to that their "Line Carving" just carved out the defects... courtesy of Muki.... I've always been impressed by the consistancy of their carving. Muki taught them well.

First entry was "Mastersen" which was sold (through Mastercraft) to Brown and Williamson as a coupon offer(much like RJR). 6 shapes of FAUX freehands.
For Mastercraft, they made Andersen.. same 6 shapes. It was a HIT in the USA. You'll still see a Mastersen/Andersen on ebag almost every day... TD

Mr Hochstein had some children. Michael was a son. Maybe Richard was also a son, but there is some question in my mind about him.. stepson?.. adopted?.. and a daughter ****. I met both Michael and Richard. Never the daughter.. in 1972 matrimony might have been in the cards...

Michael was the Marketing specialist, and Richard was an Engineer that made everything in the factory work. BTW.. Micky and Dicky to me.

Mickey had his fathers sales ability, but also had a great eye for things that could be made in the factory. He would travel Europe, selling the old Shalom brand, and pick up pipes that could be made in Tel Aviv and  that would revolutionize the European market. Muki would adapt what Micky found so that the factory could make it, and Dickie would make it work.

I would have loved to have heard the conversation between Micky, Dicky, and Muki over a new set of shapes.................Such a day.. More about the old "Shalom" brand later... TD

Masterson was made by the Shalom factory in Yad Binyamin, Israel prior to 1972. As Dave said, they were a coupon offer for Brown and Williamson in their SWR. Very few were ever made after 1972.

Shalom started making the same shapes of "faux" freehands for Mastercraft in about 1973. These were called Andersen and sold really well.

Grabow copied the Andersen shapes and began the Grabow Freehand in about 1974/6.  Those have done quite well also..
Your Masterson is at least 40 years old...  TD
Alpha Horizon. Need information about this pipe
What Joe and Dave said is it....

I'll add one thing.
One of the earliest 'fancy' pipes Shalom/Alpha made was the Allegro.
Allegro was a great seller and continued for a year or two. About 1977.

After a few years, about '82 they used the left over Allegro stummels (and others)
and added a Lucite extension and created Calypso and Horizon.
They didn't make many of each and they weren't so popular.

I believe your Horizon is an Allegro shape.. Pretty pipe. td
Alpha Horizon. Need information about this pipe
Tom, a couple questions.
The quotes Dave shared seem to indicate the Shalom factory was in operation for 30 years...so from early 60's to early 90's?
Since a few of the Sparta Alpha were at least similar to Ciration, was Citation among the latest Alpha lines made in Israel?  
I compiled that list of Alphas just from diggin around.  I bet there are a bunch more Alpha lines that I missed.
Alpha Horizon. Need information about this pipe
Here's one picked up at the factory last year that was made by Lane when it owned Grabow in the '90s. It's stamped "Columbia" but "Who Made That Pipe" lists it as made by Alpha:

It's similar in size, but a little smaller, to the Big Pipe:

It's a great smoker ...
Alpha Horizon. Need information about this pipe
JoeMan wrote:
Tom, a couple questions.
The quotes Dave shared seem to indicate the Shalom factory was in operation for 30 years...so from early 60's to early 90's?
Since a few of the Sparta Alpha were at least similar to Ciration, was Citation among the latest Alpha lines made in Israel?  
I compiled that list of Alphas just from diggin around.  I bet there are a bunch more Alpha lines that I missed.

Joe, I think the Citation was the last from the Shalom factory, but what I think I've learned about Citation is....
There are 36 shapes and they seem to have been made 12 at a time. What I mean is, 12 shapes were made and sold and then another 12 made and sold, then another 12.

Only thing obviously missing from your list are the original pipes in standard shapes stamped Shalom, Mastersen their first freehand, and Andersen.
I wouldn't have remembered 1/2 of your list.. Good job..  td
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