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Color of the spades
Last Bowl Smoked 12-14
Naked Red/Orange Viscount
Christmas gift to me...
Dr Grabow Deluxe and Supreme
Heinrich Dark Strong samples available
Emperor Quartet
Mt new Peterson
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Color of the spades
G'day folks

So far I have pipes with white, blue, yellow, red and possibly an orange one.

Are there any other colors?

Was there a post where the relevance of the colors was discussed? I have a hazy memory of a comment from Dave about when yellow spades were used.


Christmas gift to me...
Sold a few pipes and had some pipe slush money, so I went a little deep for this Alpha ($42 + ship).  It's one of my very favorite shapes, and this is the same pipe that I provided images of (from an eBay listing a while ago) to Ozark, to use as an idea for the horn I commissioned him for.  The only direction I provided was "do this, except a lot chunkier...oh, and use this fat Hillcrest stem"...and those of you who saw what Ed did know that he knocked it clear outta the park ...
Only one eh? Would have to be Sutliff's "A Taste of Autumn." I think I've become addicted to it!
Does anyone know if you can buy stingers from the factory? I need to replace a few that have broken and for pipes that didn't come with one. I've tried emails and calling but never get a reply. Any thoughts?  
Eldorado before/after with original box
Woah! Very nice job.
Westbrook 36 ,long & detailed for novice members
Outstanding Troy. I love reading the tutorials you fella's write. I learn something new every time.   Very Happy
Naked Red/Orange Viscount
Kasimir in a newly stripped Red/Orange Viscount (stamped only Viscount and not Color Viscount). It had has an Ajusto that was solidly stuck and it took a lot of heat to finally get it working. All the heat brought out a lot of oxidation that I am still working through but it is a good smoker. One interesting item about it is that it has a dark spot on one side - maybe oil from the previous owner's hand but I am not sure how the oil soaked through the paint. The interesting thing about it is that ...
Linkman Deluxe Rusticated Apple
lifeon2 wrote:
my wife likes the boots in the ad in the third picture, nice job on the pipe Smile

LOL thanks and they are nice boots i reckon Smile
Dr Grabow Deluxe and Supreme
Finished these two up last night from the lot i had gotten . They  just needed some good cleaning

Dr. Grabow Deluxe rusticated Dublin with Linkman propeller (althought not stamped Linkman )
Its  a nice light weight pipe .

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1830823/100_4238+%28800x600%29.jpg][img:c9 ...
Last Bowl Smoked 12-14

Mark Twain in a Starfire 70
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
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Last Bowl Smoked 12-14
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