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Last Bowl Smoked-Sept. 2014
Westy Sportsman refurb
New tobacco in today
Jim's Bald Headed Teacher Review
Why did UST sell Grabow to Lane?
Frank method packing a pipe
Marvic Devil Anse Pipe
My smallest Grabow
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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New tobacco in today
my favorite of the tinned is  McClelland Dominican Glory Maduro
Jim's Bald Headed Teacher Review
The nutty, toasty, slightly molasses sweet burleys are the stars. The Virginia is lightly grassy sweet. The latakia is a smokey, woodsy minor supporting player that amps up the strength and flavor. The topping is mildly vanilla, and tangy, and tones down the tobacco taste just a little. It reminds me of old time American English blends like Barking Dog, Walnut, and Fox and Hound, with richer flavor, strength and smoothness, and a bolder burley hit, though a little more aromatic. It may need some ...
Someone once told me that you don't choose a book to read, it chooses you. I think the same goes for pipes. Very Happy

A week or so ago, I came across this Coronado. It's made in France from Algerian briar and it had a ball type cleaner/stinger in it... I don't know much more than that...

The bowl is huge with an ID of .861" and a depth of 1.47"

After a good scrubbing, sanding, buffing and Carnauba... it came out pretty good I think. Very Happy

Anyhoo... here'tis:

[url=http://gallery.my ...
Marvic Devil Anse Pipe
Thanks to Troy for putting the idea in my head, I'm attempting to make a Devil Anse pipe. Laughing  Very Happy.  When I was home i drilled out the draft hole and chamber and did a rough  cut out.
These are the first pictures.  I will post my progress as i go along.
Thanks, Gary

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gall ...
Westy Sportsman refurb
First of all... thank you Joe for hooking us up with these Westbrooks. My very first refurb was another Westbrook Sportsman like this one that I got at my first pipe show in Richmond back on 2011. I, regretfully, sold it and this one makes a nice replacement. Very Happy It's not the original but it puts a smile on my face. Very Happy

It's been almost six months or more since I have been able to do or in the mindset to do any refurbs... but I'm back. Very Happy

I had to dig into my war chest and pull all of the e ...
Why did UST sell Grabow to Lane?
I had asked a few questions of TED about the history of Grabow USTobacco and Lane.  We had corresponded a bit through private messages.  He wrote a history and has asked me to post it here.
UST was really good at making Skoal, Copenhagen, and money. They had, over the years, owned and sold Cadillac Pet Food and Tuckersharp pens and pencils.

Except for an Executive VP at UST, Yannis Stephano, several other of their subs ...
Westy from Joe
Woo hoo!  I knew you'd like it Tim.
Linkman 9712 Small Panel Before and After (Pic Heavy)
Gary...beautiful work on that old pipe.  Now it's a real looker!
My first refurb.
Is that a little bend you put in the stem?  Nice job on the refurb.
Emperor #24
Well done Troy.
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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