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Last Bowl Smoked -Feb. 2017
Lets see your Dr.Grabow Eldorados
Cardinals sans spade
a goat folk
Sparta Made Wimbledon Borkum Riff Coupon Pipe #690
NOS Royalton Tru-Line
Brand Identifcation Help Needed!
Royalton , Van Roy adjusto
A Purdy Good Blast
Willard Wizardry
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Lets see your Dr.Grabow Eldorados
Lets see your Dr.Grabow Eldorados

Some Eldo info here :

I'll go first:
65 old style sandblast.
Cardinals sans spade
Just noticed the Cardinals shown at WVSS don't carry the spade. Maybe they never did? Dunno... just caught my eye as funny.

Sparta Made Wimbledon Borkum Riff Coupon Pipe #690
Thanks guys. She does have a cool blast Smile
I really thought the article and pipe would generate some buzz. I sent links out to some big pipe dealers on Ebay & Etsy who i have †seen sale these and other Grabow made Smokemasters and LL Beans as 1920's-1940s Briarcraft pipes or GBD/Comoy made Wimbeldons. Also sent †pipephil a link because he list them as Braircraft too. Not a peep from any of them.

Guess people do not like to be proved wrong or God forbid they actually own a Dr. Grabow ...t ...
Royalton , Van Roy adjusto
I was interested in VanRoy's a couple of years back.  Here are my notes, attribution and thanks to the original posters:

Capsulized, here's what I think I know about Van Roys off the top of my head.  Originally they were their own pipe company in New York.  At that time they were Ajustomatics.  About the time that HL&T moved from NY to Sparta (1953) and acquired the Dr. Grabow line from Chicago, they merged or took over a couple of other New York pipe manufacturing com ...
NOS Royalton Tru-Line
I thought i would post some pictures of the early Royalton Tru-Line i picked up on Etsy †on the forum for future reference. Not often we see a NOS Royalton from this era. I'm guessing this is the first HLT/Linkman/Grabow line with the adjusto stem?

The pipe has some really nice grain and could not find any fill's on it. I'ts a small billiard ,5 inches long by 1 1/2 inches high. It also has about the smoothest adjusto i have ever used. Even compared to other NOS adjustos i have picked up.

a goat folk
Dear Tom Douglas,

We have recently upgraded our warehouse management system in an effort to make ourselves more efficient and to deliver you a better customer experience. Unfortunately, we discovered a bug in the new software that has caused delays in shipping, but worse, it didnít provide any insight into your orderís status for us to properly to let you know what was happening.

We have now identified the problem, and orders are now being processed as quickly as possible so we can get y ...
A Purdy Good Blast
You guys can't be talking about the Carl Purdy I know!  I can't get him to do anything for me. He's always "too busy". Rolling Eyes Hell he hasn't posted here in quite a while.  Comes off as a cantankerous ole SOB to boot! Shocked

Anyway what really makes that pipe a looker, is the stem work. Very nice Anthony!
Brand Identifcation Help Needed!
ozark southpaw wrote:
Dave, I believe that Morta ia a Davorin -- google it. He is very well known for his Morta's.although he does some briar also. That stamp is some sort of Cyrillic letter.

Edit-- both may be Davorin's. Just re-read your post and see that both have the same stamp.

Wow, Ed! You nailed that one. They are Davorin pipes and unsmoked to boot. I've got over $800 worth of pipes there. Found them in a batch of 60 pipes i bought from a widow ...
Willard Wizardry
ozark southpaw wrote:
Very nice work on that one Joe !

Thanks Ed!
Last Bowl Smoked -Feb. 2017
Wildcat wrote:
TigerJack wrote:
Carter Hall in a Dr. Grabow Freehand Poker, This is the best blast pipe that I own, G'Day

Bet it's as good a smoker as it is good looking. My DG Freehand is a workhorse. I don't decall ever seeing ond like yours. Beautiful! Where would you date that from?

Swr in a cob

I don't know myself, it has D ...
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
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