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Newbe question re filter (aircooler)
I got a box for my Marxman + extras
Jobey Extra
Dr. Grabow Dublins
Norman Rockwell .......pipe smoker
Westbrook 84L Smooth
Westbrook 84 or 84L ?
New Pipe Smoker? Maybe Not.
Last Bowl Smoked--October 2014.
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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I got a box for my Marxman + extras
Got this box and pamphlet from Ebay along with some extra stuff.

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1814699/100_3149+%28640x480%29.jpg] ...
Newbe question re filter (aircooler)
I see quite frequently eBay pipes this strange construction (the picture below). In my understanding a metallic air cooler was broken and the remaining part was sanded to look more or less acceptable.

Is that correct? Does anyone smokes a pipe with the similar symptomes? How does it smoke?

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Grabow Dublins
Sean wrote:
Joe will hafta remind us of what the secret ingredient is... I want to say that John told us it was musk... and they used to use some byproduct of dynamite... I forget. Laughing We discussed it after our trip to Sutliff.

Sorry for the delay Sean.  Sad  I am quoting my own post from when we visited the Sutliff factory...which I'd LOVE to do again in 2015!!

"Sean's reference to the origin of the scent used in Mix #7 ...
Jobey Extra
Me and Sean went in on a two pipe lot and i got this Jobey Extra Poker.

I didnt realize the "Extra" meant extra large . I thought it meant better quality or some such.

Well its a honking big poker lol. Bowl  is 2 1/8 inches  tall , top of bowl is 1 1/2 inches wide and inside chamber is 1 inch.

Before...these pics were taken after i cleaned out bowl of cake  and cleaned shanks . Thats why bowl looks like it has no cake.
[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1814629/100_3075+%2 ...
Westbrook 84L Smooth
You weren't kidding, it looks brand new. Nice work!
Westbrook 84 or 84L ?
Nice Canadians!
Norman Rockwell .......pipe smoker
Norman Rockwell to me is the finest American painter who ever lived .

Anyway was doing some reading and found this quote of his and thought id share it.

"(Tobacco) is the passion of honest men and he who lives without tobacco is not worthy of living.".........Norman Rockwell

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1814559/1235889_4237518473993_6720329879249030853_n.jpg][img:4617b1296d]http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1814559/1235889_4237518473993_6720329879249030853_n.jpg[/img:4 ...
Good way to come home from work and find a pipe in the mailbox..my first Westbrook
Captain Black Premium Edition
Got my tobaccos today. Very Happy I just opened the Midnight Gold (like I had a choice... Laughing ). It gave a nice FFFFWWWWP sound as the vacuum seal broke. Unusual for me since I have never really opened a tin like this before (Shocked What?!?! No pull tab?!?!?) Laughing

The tin note is very pleasant and not overpowering. No camera at the moment but the tobacco itself is a sharp contrast of color, it's truly either black (Midnight) or tan (Gold), so you see where the name comes from. Laughing

As I prepa ...
New Pipe Smoker? Maybe Not.
Some of you may remember me posting about my granddaughter who is fascinated with pipes. This girl- in this pic she's at my work bench overhauling a pipe.

Yesterday Freda and our youngest grandson came downstairs to the shop. He pointed at the pipe I had in my ...
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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