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just wanted to say................
Bontemps - France
Last Bowl Smoked-November 2014
Dr Grabow Tobacco????
Celleni Original
KBB Yello Bole imperial Poker
And So It Begins The "Jimalier"
New old member...
Chicago Tribune article about Linkman employee, pipemaker.
It's all Mickey's fault!
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Dr Grabow Tobacco????

Was there ever any discussion amongst the Grabow brass to have a blender make a tobacco blend to be sold under the Dr Grabow name?

Just curious.
Bontemps - France
Forgot to take 'before' pics, but the worst of it was a charred up rim, so a simple refurb.  

Bontemps, France, 'hand cut' on stem.  There is a lot of history around the St. Claude area, a number of pipe factories.  Who knows which one made these, and I've no idea of the age.  I like it and I'll give it a go in a day or two.

[url=http://g ...
And So It Begins The "Jimalier"
A bit of progress!  I set the threaded insert into the end.  There is an example of the nut insert in the photo.  It made me nervous to tap the threads into the briar because the risk of cracking the shank.  But it went well,  and I epoxied it in as well so it will never back out.
Chicago Tribune article about Linkman employee, pipemaker.
Nice read,thanks for posting it.
Celleni Original
Troy_nov1965 wrote:
maybe someone knows a solution to this  ?  
When im done buffing a pipe and get ready to take pictures , every piece of lint , thread and dust will stick to the stem like static cling.

Is there anything i can do to stop this ?

Every little piece of leaf today wanted to stick to the stem of that pipe lol

I wonder if a light wipe with a dryer sheet would get rid of the static cling?
KBB Yello Bole imperial Poker
Nice resto. You put a mean shine on that baby.
It's all Mickey's fault!
Dang you Mickey, I was all happy and content smoking a hand few of tobaccos then you had to give me all those samples. Now I'm hooked on Cpt. Black Dark!

It's all your fault!  Laughing


New old member...
Hey Rob!!
just wanted to say................
all you old hands probably dont remember the first few months of your pipe smoking journey
the hot bowls, the burning tongue, the constant relights,  the gurgles, the tamped bowl refusing to relight, packing it too loose - then too tight, ash all over the place.......Rolling Eyes

well, just wanted to say ..................

'' Thanks for all the information here from you all...

as it has all come together - finall ...
Starfire 69 Wire carved
Thanks Mickey

I like this pipe alot it smokes as good as it looks Smile
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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Just what I needed!! 29 more pipes!!
What's up next, tobacco connoiseurs ?
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