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Bulk Pipe Cleaners
Last Bowl Smoked--November 2015.
Store or shop would have the widest selection of new DG's?
Lets see your Largest and Smallest Linkman's or Grabows
Tobacoo choices
I don't understand some people
mountain pass
My new Ed James pipe
Sometimes you do something...
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Store or shop would have the widest selection of new DG's?
What store or shop would have the widest selection of new DG's?  I ask this because I stopped at the local Indian casino smoke shop where I bought my Grand Duke 10 years ago and all they have are a few Larks and one Duke.  Back then the whole smoke shop was devoted to tobacco. Now it's over half convenience store junk.  They didn't even have the rubber softie bits like I got there less than a year ago.

I'd like to know about a good retailer in case I'm traveling and had the cha ...
Bulk Pipe Cleaners
I was just at Walgreens. They have the Ream n Kleen pipe cleaners on sale. Its 6 bucks for 2 packages instead of 3.50 for one. 91% ISO is also on sale but, of course they were all out. Just an FYI for those like me that like saving some change once in a while.
Lets see your Largest and Smallest Linkman's or Grabows
Lets see your Largest and Smallest Linkman's or Grabows

I'll go first

Starfire stamped 84L is 6 11/16 " long
Tobacoo choices
With time on my hands, and a curious mind, I went thru the latest Pipes and Cigars catalog and carefully  counted a total of 469 different blends being offered. Does not include any other like from Paretti, Edwards, etc. Too many choices and too little time!!
I don't understand some people
Read all of text below before looking at the links.


I read an article last week here:

As for the 1st link, I don't get it. I understand pipe collecting, even on the high end, but the shapes keep getting weirder and weirder. I'm sure this went for over 1k, just look at the 2 he has for sale. Btw, it sold very quickly.

The second link is  a G.L. Pea ...
Captain Black coupons
If anyone can use these, PM me and I will mail them to you.  First come, first served.

mountain pass
Wow free rock candy! All mine have is free blue soap to wash up with.
Join in. We like new members.
Sometimes you do something...
Very nice, I really like my Stanwells.
My new Ed James pipe
Rustiepyles wrote:
Thanks guys, Ed does fantastic work and I'm proud to ad this one to my daily rotation. Now I need to get to work on Ed's pipe...

Yes,you do !!  Laughing
I was beginning to think that one got lost !! Hope it makes a good one for ya !!
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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Last Bowl Smoked October 2015
>>FREE TOBACCO SAMPLES<< (see update - pg. 4)
Last Bowl Smoked--November 2015.
Love those blasted Grabows - Lets see your Grabow sandblasts
Your oldest pipe.
Lets see your Grabows - Canadians
enjoy this
rookie pipe smoker from NC
Burn out-Me-not the pipes.
Greetings from Rhodes,Hellas.

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