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Starfire 69 Wire carved
It's all Mickey's fault!
just wanted to say................
Last Bowl Smoked-November 2014
KBB Yello Bole imperial Poker
2015 Grabow Factory Tour
New old member...
Balsa filters
And So It Begins The "Jimalier"
Jim's FVF&BBF Pensioners Mix Review.
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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It's all Mickey's fault!
Dang you Mickey, I was all happy and content smoking a hand few of tobaccos then you had to give me all those samples. Now I'm hooked on Cpt. Black Dark!

It's all your fault!  Laughing


just wanted to say................
all you old hands probably dont remember the first few months of your pipe smoking journey
the hot bowls, the burning tongue, the constant relights,  the gurgles, the tamped bowl refusing to relight, packing it too loose - then too tight, ash all over the place.......Rolling Eyes

well, just wanted to say ..................

'' Thanks for all the information here from you all...

as it has all come together - finall ...
2015 Grabow Factory Tour
Has there been any discussion amongst you veteran factory tour attendees regarding a 2015 tour?

Like the Beaver would say, "Gee, Wally, that would be swell".

(for those of you too young to get it, check YouTube for "Leave it to Beaver") Smile

So what say ye, gentlemen?
Last Bowl Smoked-November 2014
Granger in LLBean Briarcraft
And So It Begins The "Jimalier"
I just knowed you"d find that pipe some where in that hunk of wood.

I'm telling you for sure and for certain Gary, don't let 'em 'ere S. Bang fellers see your work lessen you're ready to quit jammin' gears Smile
Jim's FVF&BBF Pensioners Mix Review.
JimInks wrote:

GQ has both. Here's the link to the FVF&BBF.............

true - but, for the moment, i'm only buying from MSS so only 1 shipping fee

however.............Good News
just had an answer from MSS
''we have been waiting for the product [SG DFO ] to arrive, it should be with us next week.''

I'll add 25g to my next order - PM me your full name & address and i'll send you a sample....in a Christmas Car ...
I have smoked it and it is a very nice English ...
my first Willard......and..
John McP wrote:

did you take the stingers out..?

Nice Willard!
I smoke mostly aero's so I get liquid along with tasty smoke.  The stingers or cleaners do help to condense the liquid and hold it at the cleaner but then of course the pipe gurgles.  I can control the extent of gurgling by smoking really slowly, but I find that I always get at least some liquid.  And I like to create lots of tasty smoke, its the point of smoking a pipe.

My habit ...
KBB Yello Bole imperial Poker
Now that is one nice looking pipe. Very Happy
Starfire 69 Wire carved
Got this off EBAY  at a real bargin .

Was in really nice shape just needed some cleaning . I did have to file out some teeth marks and buff the stem quite a bit .

I really like this pipe . The size ,shape, color and wire carving is excellent .

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1822640/100_3885+%28640x37 ...
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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