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Last Bowl Smoked - July 2017
Last Cigar Smoked . . .
Last Bowl Smoked - August 2017
Pipe in memory of Ozark
Response from Senator over FDA
Finds-Whitehalls, a K & P, Jobey, Dobbs...
Jim's C&D Appalachian Trail Reviews.
Grabow Cousin 78 ?
Show Us Your Pipe Rack or Cabinet
Lets see your Dr.Grabow Golden Dukes
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Last Bowl Smoked - July 2017
Drew Estate Gatsby Luxury Flake in an Italian free hand that I found with the shank broken in two and repaired with a little rustication to cover the repair. So far working but I am getting a little bleeding from the repaired crack. Will probably use it for a bench pipe until it breaks again.

Pipe in memory of Ozark
So....Ed and I had talked a couple of times about me commissioning him to make me a morta.  I've seen a couple of his morta creations before, and decided it was time to get one...and who better than Ed to make it.  In May, he said he still needed to hook up a vacuum system to grab all the dust when he's working on projects...but that as soon as he had that in, he'd be glad to make me one.  So...he set aside a morta block, and a gorgeous swirled yellow blank from which he'd cut the stem.  We were ...
Response from Senator over FDA
"...this means establishing better, more robust results-oriented performance measures, .....

I've hears that sentence repeated at every management meeting I've ever attended  for the past five or ten years. It sets off my BS detectors every time.
Last Cigar Smoked . . .
Principes Natural sitting under a tree waiting for the Mrs outside the beauty parlor.
Finds-Whitehalls, a K & P, Jobey, Dobbs...
Found some more this week.  Life is good.

First batch was in a "grab bag".  Reasonably priced, but more of a steal once I found what was inside.  I could see these at first:

Whitehall "JUMBOS" "Natural"...  These things have THICK walls, and LARGE bowls on them.  Big pipes.

Jobey " ...
Jim's C&D Appalachian Trail Reviews.
Here's my reviews of C&D's new Appalachian Trail series:

C&D Blue Ridge:
The mildly tangy, dark fruity, earthy, lightly sugary stoved red Virginias form the base of the blend. The dry, sweet and sour, fairly floral, woody, earthy Turkish plays between being a condiment and a supporting player. The spicy, raisiny, plummy perique is a background player. The unsweetened black cavendish adds a smoothing quality to the mix. The strength is just short of being ...
Grabow Cousin 78 ?
Just got a pipe that looks like an exact shape copy of a Sparta made 78.  Its stamped Aged over Imported Briar script in cursive.  The stem inlay is a white dot inside a green surround.

Anyone else seen green surrounding a white dot inlay ?
Show Us Your Pipe Rack or Cabinet
I've given up on trying to post actual photo's from imgur but here's the links.

Stairway to the mancave

Entering the mancave








Lets see your Dr.Grabow Golden Dukes
Alpha Horizon. Need information about this pipe
Here's the notes I have accumulated on Alphas and Shalom, most of them look like they came from Tom Douglas:

Alpha pipes were made by the Shalom Pipe Co. in Israel from Mediterranean briar beginning in the 1960s and running into the 1980s when the company closed.

Their classic styles of pipes are much sought after by collectors.

This is one of the early Alpha freehand "Burl Briar" pipes. Shalom pipe carvers pioneered the technique of carving tobacco leaf veins into the pipe bo ...
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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