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Last Bowl Smoked-- Dec. 2016
Golden Duke 120?
Another New Guy
Intro - From Sioux Falls
Yello-bole pugs
Greetings from PA.
Little Kirsten
Pipe shows or swap meets
Lets see your Grabow "your choice"
Lets see your Dr.Grabow Cousins
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Golden Duke 120?
Very cool pipe bro, congrats.
Intro - From Sioux Falls
Welcome Jeremy, from a fellow Dakotan. The folks on here are very interesting and diverse.  Enjoy.
Yello-bole pugs
I have 2 Pugs and there great lil pocket pipes like the Bucko's.
Pipe shows or swap meets
Hello, are there any pipe or tobacco swap meets on the east coast?
Lets see your Grabow "your choice"
Weve been at this "Lets see your" series for nearly 2 years and have seen many fine Grabows.  

I may have missed a category or line along the way, so please show any Grabows that wernt asked for in this series.

Someone go first
Little Kirsten
Found in a pretty sketchy flea market...  Mouthpiece has suffered from prior owners.  I see why.  Other pieces came apart, but evidently it hadn't ever been cleaned.  Doesn't look terrible, but probably fused that mouthpiece to it like a rock.  I've gotten it to come off, will clean it up and order a replacement.

[url ...
Greetings from PA.
Hello ! My story begins with a simple purchase of one yorkshire pipe from pipesbywjitney on Ebay.The pipe arrived quickly and in great condition as advertised.As i happily puffed swearing off cigerettes for I purchased another from whitney!  This new ailment gathering steam . Now  I had corncobs,and pouches. tobacco etc being mailed from all corners of the land to my home! Then began shopping other Ebay deals.One day I recieved a pair of grabows that would make this disease full - blow ...
Last Bowl Smoked-- Dec. 2016
Ch in a Golden Duke 45.
Lets see your Dr.Grabow Cousins
Douwe EGberts X-tra
Another New Guy
Thanks for all the welcomes. My second Viking came today. Had to do a little work to get the bowl and stem off, but now everything is clean and ready to go.
First smoke tomorrow, a little Corn Cob Pipe and a Button Nose for the season.
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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Hi from Raleigh

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