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No Name Sitter
Last bowl smoked !
Just what I needed!! 29 more pipes!!
Review: Peter Stokkebye - LNF & LTF
Review: Hearth & Home - Anniversary Kake (Signature Seri
Garys Tobacco Reviews
What are your FAVORITE FIVE tobaccos ?
free tobacco
Sutliff Tour
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Review: Hearth & Home - Anniversary Kake (Signature Seri
I've found this is a nice change-of-pace dessert smoke for me. †The scottish shortbread & bran muffinish notes goes nicely with coffee in the morning, and are also soothing before bedtime.

For me, it's still a tossup between This and McClelland Bulk TQ.
Review: Peter Stokkebye - LNF & LTF
Here's a copy of my reviews for:

Peter Stokkebye - Luxury Navy Flake (LNF)

Darby wrote:
Strength: Mild-Med
Flavor: None
Taste: Med
Room note: Pleasant-to-tolerable

Since I already posted a detailed review of the PS Luxury Bullseye Flake, Iíll limit this one to a side by side comparison.

The PS LNF is presented as a ...
No Name Sitter
Fellows I picked this pipe up dirt cheap, just because I liked the way it looked. Upon arrival I found out that the draft whole was bored before the extension was added to the shank, so I can't get a drill through it, and it wasn't open very well. I finally was able to bend a peace of large wire clothes hanger and push it through to open it up some, and btw it hadn't been smoked but just a couple of times. There's no stamping, not even imported briar, so I have no idea who made the pipe. It has ...
Garys Tobacco Reviews
I finally got home to get my sample from Sean!!

Sutliff  Taste of Summer. Peaches with refreshing cream..
I love this stuff!!!.....end of review.
Just joking. Laughing   I really do love it.  I opened the tin at home, and my wife and daughters really liked the aroma. So did i.  
I found this blend to be a ligh ...
Just one eh ? †

Peter Stokkebye - Luxury Bullseye Flake. †I also adore Solani 656 and Classic Samsun, but I imagine both could get tiring after 20 straight bowls without a change ... not so with the PS LBF, which is comparatively mild and easy on the palate. †It is also a great base for blending, and trading with ot ...
free tobacco
I got a pack of St. Bruno ready rubbed from Eric.  Ain't for me.

Says Virginias and other fine leaf.  Thats all the English I can read on the bag. The rest could be Martian for all this hillbilly knows.

Anyone know, anyone want? Let me know..  and thank Eric.   ted
What are your FAVORITE FIVE tobaccos ?
You are welcome to skip over my post here, since they're all desserty aros.  But since they're preferred by half of the DGCF members, here goes.

Sutliff Molto Dolce
Sutliff Barbados Plantation
Lane Black Raspberry
Sutliff Chocolate Mousse
Sutliff Vanilla Custard
Jim's MacBaren Reviews
Virginia Flake:
A fairly natural tasting straight up light, bright Virginia flake. There's a natural sweetness, slightly citrusy, from the tobacco conjoining with a grassy taste - no hay - to provide a mild, gentle smoking experience. Not a flavor bomb by any means, but it's a comfortable all day smoke that burns well, fairly slowly and cool without leaving any moisture at the bottom. It won't satisfy those looking for bolder, earthier Virginias, but it's a nice bre ...
Sutliff Tour
Eric, the C&T connection will come. Not on a PC at the moment.

I asked about the Hefner connection but they hadnt heard that one.... but again, the explanation of the ingredient's effect would fit...
Just what I needed!! 29 more pipes!!
I know you didn't want the extra work, but that's a sweet set of pipe you acquired sir. Congrats.
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
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