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Westbrook 65
Another li'l Pete
2 Westbrook 85s , both smooth
Another Howdy from the Lone Star State
Just a Lark
Last Bowl Smoked- July,2014
Help identifying shapes #60, #66
Hello from FLA
My New Sav Oom Paul
Morta Churchwarden for a Newbie.
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Just a Lark
Dude...JUST a Lark?  That is a fantastic Dr. G my friend!  Nice job making it look great.
2 Westbrook 85s , both smooth
Got these in mail toady ,

One From Joe and one from a friend of mine on Facebook ( i had to a tad bit  of work on it mostly some oxidation spots on stem )

From Joe

from Friend on Facebook

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1783774/100_0773+%28640x480%29.jpg][img:9096297d08]http://gallery.myff.org/g ...
Help identifying shapes #60, #66
Would appreciate any help in figuring out whether I have a #60 or just a smaller #61.  Same goes for my #66, which is much shorter than my #19 but the bowl is only a little smaller.  Problem is neither are number stamped.

A big help would be for those who can post a picture of their #60 and or #66 number stamped pipes.  Number stamped only please.

Pics of number stamped pipes from multiple forum members would be helpful since the hand making process does result in pipes of v ...
My New Sav Oom Paul
Gary Balestrieri Jr wrote:
Don't see many sandblasted Non pareils. They are usually smooth....at least the ones i typically see.  That's very nice Juan!!  Looks like a good smoker and looks like it'll hold a buttload of baccy! Laughing
Thanks, Gary

Thanks Gary, I've owned 3 sandblasted Nonpareil but currently have 2. Here is the other one I own.

Another Howdy from the Lone Star State
Howdy from Helotes, Texas!

My name is Matt Locascio, and I own the LocascioPipes store on etsy. I am pretty new to smoking pipes, but I've been making pipes for about six months now. I am about to be a Junior Texas A&M University in College Station, a place where tradition and history is highly cherished,  and am majoring in Industrial Engineering. A month or so ago, I purchased a stand for my first local marketplace experience to try to sell some of my creations. I was very unprepar ...
Westbrook 65
I got this off ebay last week.

It wasnt listed long , had a buy it now pipe for like 10-12 bucks. Looked in good shape and it was a model  i liked and did not have so i snagged it .Looked black in pictures, thought it was just poor pics. Nope the finish had turned black form age when i got it.

Cleaned it and did some wet sanding to bring out the grain . Oxy cleaned stem and wet sanded it also.

Pipe is in excellent shape though i dont think it was smoked hardly at all had to do very lit ...
Another li'l Pete
Should have taken some 'before' pics last evening, but got right into it and forgot.   Crying or Very sad   This chubby little Pete had been well loved; I snagged it on the bag a few months ago, but with the amount of work it needed, I put it off for a while.  

The front of the bowl had a number of pock marks where it looked to have been dropped maybe a few times, or damaged otherwise.  Rim had been beat on the front edge.  So...I topped it, stripped and re-stained all, along with ...
A newbee tobacco question.
C&D Winchester is a good Virginia sold in bulk. Very neutral, middle ground on "N", and easy to smoke. Also Star of the East sold in bulk for a good Latakia mix.
If you are into sweet stuff JoeMan is the King of that.lol
John Patton dark Horse
Nice review! Interesting tobacco. Thank you!
Sugar Barrel match coming soon.
I just heard from Russ at Pipes and Cigars , there will be a Sugar Barrel Clone available shortly !
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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