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Who likes meerschaum?
Last bowl Smoked- October 2016
Jim's Villiger Export Reviews.
1930's Kaywoodie Thorn 7411 Push Stem Sandblast
Sparta made Bartlett
any help will be appreciated
Junktique fink
Lets see your Linkman's with spade on stem
Greetings from Argentina!
Show Me Your Wallys!
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Who likes meerschaum?
I'm not altogether unfamiliar with meerschaum pipes as I have smoked them off and on for quite a while. Briar has always been my first choice as it still is. Lately I find myself smoking meerschaums a lot more than I used to. To me they give a somewhat different shade of flavor to any tobacco I try in them. I am curious about how many members appreciate them, or hate them as the case may be, and your reasons for your opinion.
any help will be appreciated
Sorry Tom, I hope something can be done.    Phil
Jim's Villiger Export Reviews.
Here are my reviews of the five new Villiger Export series, which are sold in pouches.

Villager English Export:
The smokey, woody Cyprian latakia takes a mild lead over the other components. The earthy, tangy dark fruit sweet red Virginia is the base of the blend, and is crowded out just a little by the earthy, nutty, molasses sweet burley. The buttery sweet, lightly sour and musty Smyrna underscores the experience. There a couple pinches of plumy, spicy periqu ...
1930's Kaywoodie Thorn 7411 Push Stem Sandblast
Here is a KW Thorn 4 hole stinger model that just sold , same model as mine. It sold for over a 100 dollars.


Generally push stems bring more than a stinger model.

This is why i was always outbid and was very lucky to talk the sel ...
Sparta made Bartlett
Tom can confirm, but I believe this to be a Sparta-made Bartlett.  Sandblasted briar, has the coloring of a Sculptura.

It has a threaded aluminum cap with a pinhole in the center (which I'm sure was designed to act like a carburetor),  and a screen in the bottom. So, you load it from the top, and light it from the bottom once the cap is ...
Junktique fink
Nice find Joe.
New Estate Pipes
Very nice
Lets see your Linkman's with spade on stem
Ringmaster uncharted 2656  tri shank  push stem

Linkman Olde London lg Dublin push stem

Linkman Select Grain Billiard

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/2020809/100 ...
Greetings from Argentina!
Welcome to the forum.
Show Me Your Wallys!
Piffyr wrote:
pipesbywhitney wrote:
Here's one I salvaged from the old pipe basket - an English Made Wally Frank Ltd. saddlebit squat bulldog.

Nice, Dave! By any chance is there a shape number on it?

No shape number ... just Wally Frank Ltd. on one panel of the shank and Made in England on the other ... Dave
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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