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Repurposed into Pipe Rack
My Grandmothers Ravioli
Commodore 40
Resurrection of a 02 freehand
Last Bowl Smoked 8-15
pipe cabinet
LHS Purex Superfine #15 Poker Reurbish and Stem Repair.
Hitler Is Mad About Penzance
got 2 Westbrooks today
Grabow prices...then and now...
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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My Grandmothers Ravioli
If you haven't seen this I highly recommend it.
Mo Rocca being nice and our own Brother Dave Whitney portraying Dave Whitney.

Fill up a couple of bowls and enjoy this..

Commodore 40
It has a stem? I'll have to go back and look again. I was too busy drooling over that wicked blast. Man, that thing is gorgeous. In all seriousness, I like the tapered stem on it, but a saddle for backup would be nice to have for historical purposes. Congrats. That baby is a jewel.  Almost forgot to mention- another excellent resto job.
Repurposed into Pipe Rack
I'm not sure this is the category to post this in but here goes.

I intercepted these from the going into the dumpster at work last night.
They are old test tube holders from the lab. I'm using them on my work bench to hold estates waiting inline for resto. The pipes on the top of the black rack are all Brighams.

I just got these Brighams earlier this week. I have 1,2,3,4 dot Brighams, I  need a 5 and 6 dot to make ...
Resurrection of a 02 freehand
This is my latest atempt of a pipe restoration  i know i have alot to learn . And i know this is the place to get all that knowladge. When i got this it was cracked and very dirty the stem stem was lose and had teeth marks.

LHS Purex Superfine #15 Poker Reurbish and Stem Repair.
Man o man. It sure is Superfine. Look at that whole flock of Birdseye on the bowl.  Nice save!
Grabow prices...then and now...
Just a little ditty I found on Chris Keene's pipepages.com, within a section called 'manufacturer's flyers & catalogs'.  Tom has shared a number of times about the cost disparity between Grabow lines back in the day...for instance, an Eldorado costing maybe 3 times as much as some lower line and the like.  Here is a print example from 1969 which illustrates some of what Tom has shared before, thought you might be interested...

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1913364/1969.jpg][img:fcf ...
got 2 Westbrooks today
Troy_nov1965 wrote:
i purchased  these other day got them in mail today

I just found the match to the smooth one! It is a sweet shape. One of the byproducts of hanging out here more is I am finding and holding more Dr. G pipes.
pipe cabinet
thanks for all your kind word . Its not complete yet, I will post a update when done
Commodore and Sculptura collection
Nice looking pipes Wes.
collectors 2003
That's a nice looking pipe.
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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