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Last bowl smoked- July 2016
Last Cigar Smoked . . .
Tobacco for sale
GBD Rockroot
LHS Sterncrest
Lets see your Grabow Larks
Lets see your Grabow Riviera's
Refurbed Linkman /Edgeworth "Signature" pipe.
A Tamper
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
Latest Articles
Lets see your Grabow Larks
GBD Rockroot
Tripped over another one today.  GBD Rockroot.  

Nice looking pipe.  Should clean up nicely.

Bargain priced, to boot!

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1999965/DSC01016. ...
LHS Sterncrest
Wandering through some antique shops in Chattanooga today...  Found a dandy LHS Stercrest.  Should clean up nicely.

Ashamed to say it was another steal...  Well, maybe not so ashamed...  rustication is really nice...

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1999961/DSC01018.JPG][img:c4cfb15d56]http://gallery.myff.org/galler ...
Last Cigar Smoked . . .
5 Vegas Series A, pretty impressive.
Tobacco for sale
Offering 10 ounces of Carter Hall and a free pipe for $20. What a deal- act now!
Refurbed Linkman /Edgeworth "Signature" pipe.
I been wanting one of these pipes since i got my first original tub of Edgeworth and found one of  the offers in it.
There is another discussion about these pipes on this thread with ads and such.


This one caught my eye. The condition was excellent and the price was right.

As i got it

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1999550/s-l1600+%281%29+%28640x480%29.jpg][img:4e885cbade]http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1999550/s-l1600+%281%29+%2 ...
I just received my first tub of Carter Hall, and decided to call John Middleton Co. with a question. Here are the results. Middleton is part of the Ultria Corp which also includes Philip Morris and USTobacco. As of April, they no longer manufacture CH in 14 oz. tubs. All they make now is 1.5 ounce pouches. So for those of you who care, you might want to stock up while you can still get it.
Lets see your Grabow Riviera's
The Dr.Grabow Riviera line was started in 1956 or 1957 and continues today.  

"Before I started at Grabow So. La. Res. Spa in Italy made most of our Riviera….."   td

Lets see your Grabow Riviera's

I'll go first:
81S push stem yellow spade
A Tamper
Nothing special but I'm more of a whittler so working with metal, even aluminum, is awkward for me. Here's the result.

Last bowl smoked- July 2016
Dave, that stem looks great on that 81.  I just finished some Carter Hall in a MM County Gentleman.
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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