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Tripped over an England-made Falcon today
Took a trip to the Gatlinburlier today
Another MC and two BC
Return of the Prodigal Loudmouth
Lets see your Grabow POTS
Last Bowl Smoked October 2015
D&P Woodsman
How do you come to be a burley codger?
1Q to the rescue
Visit From Fletch (rustypyles)
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The Pipe Cooperative
For Dr Grabow smokers worldwide. Remember, if you have more than one, you\'re a collector. Well, maybe not, but it\'s worth considering.
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Another MC and two BC
In addition to the MC from the Linkman's lot I snagged another that I imagine is re-stemmed, marked handmade, and two more Butz Choquins, you know, for my birthday. Can't tell if one BC is re-stemmed but the other has a clear medallion insert so it may be newer, hard to put a date on them. So one more MC, a BC Camargue Prince and C'est Bon 1845, can't wait to go pick them up, been enjoying my one BC. Wouldn't mind some info on the MC, like what stem it should have, "handmade" was only ...
Lets see your Grabow POTS

Now I can show off my DG pot! By finding a yellow spade non-filter stem that could be reworked I managed to turn my first attempt at salvaging t ...
Took a trip to the Gatlinburlier today
It's a good day, fellers...

The missus is out of town (NO, that's NOT why it's a good day), so I took a little trip over to Gatlinburg this morning.  Leaped out of bed early, had a breakfast at Pancake Pantry of Corn Cake pancakes, crisp bacon, and several cups of coffee...

Then meandered over to the Gatlinburlier and picked up a few ounces of "Chimney Smoke", which is listed as a cavendish blend with vanilla and maple...  Nice stuff.  Also picked one of the the ol ...
Tripped over an England-made Falcon today
Those that watch my posts know I'm a serious "bargain" hunter...

This one was just over 12 bucks...  Not the prettiest one I've seen, but not bent, and not terribly scuffed.  Black finish has a few marks, but everything looks good.  Should clean up into a nice little smoker.  Just dirty...

Been looking for one for a while, and found it buried in a VERY full, kind of mangy locked case in a little antique shop.

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/1926632/D ...
Return of the Prodigal Loudmouth
I'm back after a short leave dealing with some personal things. A heartfelt thanks to all those who showed so much concern. I missed you folks a lot. Remember to keep your chickens and Grabow pots locked up now that I am at large again!  Laughing
How do you come to be a burley codger?
Uncle Rich wrote:
Fr. Tom, Amphora red got me to meet more girls in my college days. sure  wish it was around, just  don't tell my wife.

Haha...   My girlfriend in college is my wife now. It did seem to be a crowd pleaser in terms of room note.
D&P Woodsman
Along with a couple of bowls to transform, Al sent me this shank...(thanks man!) A search turned up zero information here, but wondered if any of you have heard of Woodsman, particularly as related to D&P.

Linkman's Dr. Grabow 31
Just noticed this, that stinger looks like it's longer than the shank. How's it smoke?
Savinelli Silver 320KS Restoration
Very nice work!
Mokin Corsaire 7087 Refurb
Kind of looks like the wally frank ski pipe and a 1910 Dunhill SK I had. Both had that ski shape on the bottom. You made it too pretty to smoke
The BACK ROOM at Brown's Drugstore
For Non-collectors
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